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Top 5 Reasons Star Martial Arts is the BEST Activity for Your 4-6 Year Old

Posted: May 18, 2019


We may be biased, but we believe martial arts benefits people of ALL ages!  While the benefits differ in each age group, there’s never a bad time to start martial arts.  Below are some benefits to students starting at ages 4-6, fondly known as our Tiny Tiger Program.


Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick: 5 Top Tips From The Experts

Posted: January 20, 2019

“New Year, New Me!” It’s a slogan that has become so familiar that it’s almost a cliche this time of year, with a torrent of jokes and memes on social media to drive the point home. Most people fail to keep their resolutions, often giving up completely by the time Summer rolls around. As many as 88% of resolutioners are said to abandon the change they sought in January, with as many as 43% lasting less than one month! 

Still, science tells us that the new year is a great time to make positive changes in our lives because we are able to dissociate ourselves from our previous habits and better envision ourselves with new patterns and new beginnings. There is a reason why the new year has been a time of goal-setting and vision-casting ever since the ancient Babylonians, thousands of years ago. And with the vast majority of New Year’s resolutions involving health and fitness, it’s never a better time than NOW to find expert tips for success! 

Beware of the New Year’s Resolution’s Trap!

Posted: December 25, 2018

So it’s that time again…the end of one year and beginning of a new one!  At Star, we love using this time to reflect on the past year and set goals for the next.  For us, there is a big difference between New Year’s Resolutions and New Year’s Goal Setting.  There’s no secret on the statistics of how short-lived New Year’s Resolutions are. Most aren’t kept through the end of the first week of January and definitely not through the end of the month!  But why?


Our theory is the timeline.  Goals are understood to be a process.  Most know that if you set a goal, it’s going to take time.  New Year’s Resolutions, however, are expected to have an abrupt start, usually January 1st, and continue indefinitely.  By setting a New Year’s Resolution, you are asking yourself to change deep-seeded habits within 24 hours.  You are asking yourself to accomplish your “goal” within 24 hours. Then expecting yourself to continue hitting that goal every day until it becomes a habit.  At STAR, we are all about self-discipline, but that sounds more like an unnatural superpower! The usual result is that you not only fall back into your old habits, but feel so badly about the process that you don’t try again until the next year!

AVOID BECOMING A VICTIM: Keep Safe This Holiday Season!

Posted: November 30, 2018

The holiday season is upon us, and it is definitely a very special time of the year.  

Unfortunately, this also means that people become busy and are not always as aware as they should be.

Thieves and criminals are aware of this and become especially active during this time of the year.

Teamwork: We're in this together

Posted: November 26, 2018


Although I wasn’t a fan of group projects during my school years, I now wish we would have done more of them.  I’ve found that learning to work with others is one of the more important skills used once you graduate. Think about all the teams you’re on, conventional or non: a team at work trying to accomplish a goal, a volunteer group in the community or at a church, our team we’re on together as Americans, maybe you’re on a recreational sports team or you serve as a member on a board.  The list may look different for each of us, but I would argue one of the most important teams is our family.

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