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Top 5 Reasons Star Martial Arts is the BEST Activity for Your 4-6 Year Old

Posted: May 18, 2019


We may be biased, but we believe martial arts benefits people of ALL ages!  While the benefits differ in each age group, there’s never a bad time to start martial arts.  Below are some benefits to students starting at ages 4-6, fondly known as our Tiny Tiger Program.


  1.  It’s never too early to start laying a foundation of healthy habits, and that’s what we’re here to assist with through our Tiny Tiger Program.  These years are so pivotal because Tiny Tigers are like sponges: they want to learn, and they soak up everything!  Have you ever tried to learn a new habit while breaking an old habit?  I’m sure you’d agree that it is more difficult than starting off with a good habit.  If you’d like to avoid the habits of your children whining, talking back, hiding behind your leg when you introduce them, and keeping their toys around the house, then consider a martial arts class for Tiny Tigers.  

  2. We are here to be an additional voice that’s teaching good habits.  We have countless parents tell us “I’ve been telling my child the same thing you said today hundreds of times, and as soon as you mention it, they finally do it!”  Now, we will admit that we have a slight advantage- we are disguised as superhero ninjas, and every 4,5 & 6 year old wants to listen to and be like a superhero ninja!  We will help transfer this advantage to you throughout the classes; because let’s face it, you are the real hero who is guiding your child through our program!  We both want your child to be successful and develop good habits.  It takes a village to raise a child, and the benefits of hiring a martial arts instructor to be in your corner is priceless! 

  3. Before you know it, your children are ready for kindergarten, and there’s no real handbook to know if they’ll succeed.  Through working with thousands of students at the Pre-K and kindergarten level, we have found three fundamental behavioral skills that will prepare them for learning in the group kindergarten setting-how to listen, pay attention, and follow directions.  Our classes bust down these big ideas into simple how-tos that not only help your children, but also help you apply them at home too, through repetition, practice, and positive reinforcement.  

  4. For students that haven’t had experience in a structured, group setting, the Tiny Tiger program helps with social skills simultaneously learning to focus with others around them.  Many of our 4-6 year old students come to us as their first-time group experience, with several having only been around mom and family members prior.    (Just so you know, it’s completely normal for one of our future confident leaders to cling to mom’s leg on the first day.  Just like you, we understand this won’t serve them in kindergarten, and we will begin the process of independence with baby steps such as parental proximity, short-term separation, watching the class, learning from the sidelines, and finally full participation, so that they know that they can be successful without clinging.   

  5. Normally, this age group can be a vulnerable one as they learn independence, but still lack discernment around issues of safety.  To combat this, among the many other values taught in the Tiny Tiger program, we also teach safety skills like stranger danger, emergencies, and fire safety.   This is especially important during the summer season, which can be a vulnerable time of the year as children begin playing outside.


Join other proactive families at Star Martial Arts for the FREE community Tiny Tiger safety seminar on Saturday, May 25th where we will educate students and their families on safety topics such as stranger danger, what to do if you’re lost, good touch/bad touch, no secrets, boundary setting, and awareness.  After the seminar, pay a special price of just $50 to continue in our regular classes where you will experience the other values mentioned earlier in this article.